Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Notes

--Tim projects what Jason Jennings may do as a member of the Astros in 2007. Tim puts a lot of thought into his projections and I like where he's going with Jennings. He has higher hopes than some other projections, but it really doesn't matter because he doesn't add enough to make him a prime target in your 2007 draft.
--Tim also breaks down the closer situation for the NL Central Division. Who wouldn't like to see Wood's value go back up by becoming the closer for the Cubs?

Fake Teams
--They're pretty upset about he whole Jose Vidro trade, and apparently M's fans agree. Not too sure what the Mariners thought was wrong with their current Jose at second, Jose Lopez. The Nationals made out pretty good in the deal though according to MLB Trade Rumors. Over there, Tim lists a few other blogs that are upset about the trade.
--Talks about who to keep in mind as far as closers go. These guys are mostly set up men who could get a chance to prove their closer capabilities once their team's stoppers can't handle it anymore. A good name in that bunch is Scot Shields. Even though I'm jinxing my own fantasy keeper team with this note, K-Rod is due for an injury.

Minor League Ball
--John sizes up the Tigers' farm system with his Top 20 Tiger Prospects. Miller will probably get a call [back] up in the second half of the season while Maybin is a few years away, though one of the top OF prospects in all of baseball.

Baseball Digest Daily
--A new link? How exciting! The Baseball Digest Daily is a great site to get up to the second news, signings, trades, and information regarding MLB. You can even have their news automatically e-mailed to you as they post it. Very convenient. Now they're even venturing forth into minor league baseball! They've got the lower half of their Top 100 Prospect List out and ready for viewing. For those who can't wait for the new John Sickels and Baseball America books, this is for you.


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