Friday, December 08, 2006


Fake Teams
--Questions the value of Jorge Posada in a mixed league. I completely understand where their confusion comes from. It just seems that each year nobody really values Posada all that much, but each year he produces. Sure it probably has to do with the line up he's in, but in Fantasy Baseball why does that matter? Just enjoy the ride.

Minor League Ball
--Sickels lists his top 20 Rockies prospects. Those top 3 hitters are looking really good. It's got to be nice to see hitters as your top prospects if you like watching games at Coors Field.

MLB Trade Rumors
--Giants sign Bonds for one more year (as if you didn't see this coming). So tell me, why did he get $16MM? Who else was really competing all that much for his services, and what other fans/ballpark would embrace him the way the Giants' fans do?
--Dotel signs on with the Royals and leaves behind the Devil Rays, Red Sox, and Indians. Dotel will probably be the Royals' opening day closer.
--One more closer should find a new home by the end of the day.

--Rob Blackstien reports about the Andy Pettitte situation. His win total could go up if he goes back to the Bronx. He could also sway Clemens in either direction with his final decision. Toward the bottom of his column, he notes some things about Jay Payton, Miguel Tejada, Jeff Bagwell, and even Toby Hall.


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