Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday's Tips

--Over at Rotoauthority, Tim continues his look at the closer situations across MLB as he sizes up the closers in the NL East. Solid wrap up, and I agree with Tim that you have to keep an eye on Rafael Soriano. He was a steal for Atlanta and could very well be closing for them by mid-season. However, it could also end up being another Todd Jones-Joel Zumaya situation. The situation is very similar; a young, hard throwing strikeout pitcher behind an implausibly efficient older guy who doesn't induce a lot of Ks, but gets the job done. In other words, when it comes time to draft for next season, make sure you handcuff those two unless something develops before your draft takes place.
----Tim also projects what Gil Meche will do for the Royals as their newest starter and wonders if Jason Schmidt could be a 2007 fantasy bust with his new team.

--Looks like Eric Gagne finally made a decision after promising one last week. The buzz is that now that Gagne is on board, Akinori Otsuka is on the block, which should make Gagne a risky, but potentially--potentially--high reward pickup in draft's next season. I wouldn't use anything higher than a double digit round pick on him though, even if Otsuka is dealt. The man has simply had too many injuries to be the old Gagne.
----Rob Neyer talks about what free agent signings will live up to their new contracts. Not an ESPN Insider? Then read about it on Fake Teams.

--John Sickels takes a look at the Red Sox' Top 20 prospects. Boston is suddenly loaded with talent in the lower levels of their system.
--Sickels also takes a look at the Blue Jays' and Reds' Top 20 prospects. It's feast or famine in the Cincinnati system.
--Check out some of the debates raging on the diaries too. Minorleagueball has some of the most intelligent and knowledgeable posters around.

Boogey Blog
--Takes a look at the 2007 AL East rotations.
--Weighs in on Craig Monroe.


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