Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tuesday's Tips

Minor League Ball
--Sickels updates his top 20 prospects from the Diamondbacks system and gives a letter grade for each. Not surprisingly, Justin Upton tops his list with Chris Young right behind. Young should have some fantasy value in 2007, as one of the top contenders for the NL ROTY Award. Upton, though, he has a bigger upside and could potentially have a better overall career barring injury, won't have an impact with fantasy leagues until late 2008 at the earliest.

Talented Mr. Roto
David Young reviews the big signings of the 2006 offseason and tries to figure out who made good after signing on the dotted line. He also looks deeper into some of the trades that have been made this off-season. He also makes one interesting note on Miguel Montero with Arizona and how he'll see more playing time now that Johnny Estrada is out of town. It's a long article, but there's some interesting notes. If you've got some free time check it out.

Boogey Blog
The BoogeyMan weighs in with his thoughts on the Brian Bannister/Ambroix Burgos trade. Though this probably didn't make too many waves at the Winter Meetings, it may make Bannister a late round option in deeper leagues since he's basically guaranteed a middle of the rotation spot in KC.

Fake Teams
--Eric rants on how he feels Elijah Dukes of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays' organization is in a similar situation as Ryan Howard was in when Jim Thome was patrolling first base in Philly. Dukes is said to be a great outfield prospect. I think the D-Rays would be better off trying to mend his emotional/mental issues rather than trying to trade him for pennies on the dollar.
--Eric is also wondering what everyone thinks of the whole "stats vs scouts" issue that has come to prominence in the last few years. Take a look if you have an opinion on the matter--or even if you don't. Maybe you will after reading.

--Notes that Homer Bailey is looking to start the year in AAA.
--Jason Bay seems to be doing nicely after his surgery.
--Nate Ravitz chimes in about the 2007 Cardinal's rotation and someone who might just get a shot if he has a good Spring Training.

--Aaron Gleeman reports from the Winter Meetings. He makes some notes about Carlos Lee, Andy pettitte, and Barry Bonds.


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