Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday Notes

Extreme Fantasy Baseball
--Aaron Baker let's us know how he feels about Hanley Ramirez in 2007. Could Hanley be on the brink of a 20-40 sophomore season for the Marlins? (Yes) That easily makes him a top 4 SS for next year's drafts along with Jose Reyes, Miguel Tejada, and Derek Jeter. My sleeper SS - Stephen Drew.

Boogey Blog
--Thoughts on the Freddy Garcia to Philly trade. You know, it looks as though Kenny Williams is tearing apart his starting rotation, but he's getting decent value in return as far as young starting pitcher prospects go.

--Takes a look at the AL Central closers of 2007. The Indians and Royals are up in the air, and in my opinion, Joel Zumaya is just waiting for Todd Jones to make a mistake or two.

MLB Trade Rumors
--Luis Gonzalez signs with the Dodgers, which helps make their outfield less than spectacular going into 2007.


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