Friday, March 10, 2006

Four Notes To Consider

  • MLS

  • The Sports Law Blog talks about how the Austrian company that makes Red Bull purchased the MLS franchise New York/New Jersey Metrostars. Although I'm a fan of the fact that they got rid of the whole New York/New Jeresy portion of the team name, I'm not sure how I feel about the new name.

  • NFL

  • The Oakland Raiders cut QB Kerry Collins. Now they need a new offensive leader and the rumors have been swirling around a possible Moss-Culpepper reunion. What a bad idea that would be for the franchise, but a great thing it would be for fantasy owners of both Moss and Culpepper next year.

  • NCAA Basketball: Big East

  • Syracuse men just beat Georgetown, becoming the first team to win a game in the Big East tournament after winning their previous game in overtime. The best part of this game was not so much Syracuse's comeback from 15 back earlier in the game, but the fact that Syracuse NEVER had the lead in the game except for the last 5 seconds of play.

  • NBA

  • According to the Boston Globe's Celtics Blog, the team is fun to watch for one simple reason: they aren't very good. I love how people can make being a "not-so-great" team into a good thing for fans. But, as the Sports Guy puts it, the Celtics are actually quite good. The main reason: Paul Pierce having a career year.


    Blogger Howe said...

    For the record, I don't feel the Celtics are a bad team, nor do they have a bad GM. They're in the process of putting together a VERY good team. There's a big difference. Now the Knicks...that's a bad team, with a really bad GM.

    11:47 AM  

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