Saturday, February 04, 2006

And I Quote...

"We've had several additional discussions this week with the Orioles, and we have withdrawn our trade demand. We have decided that Javy [Lopez] will go to spring training with the Orioles." - Chuck Berry, Javy Lopez's agent.

That's weird, I thought they decided to report to spring training with the Orioles when he signed his contract a few years back.

"Our head coach said it before. We think he's an outstanding player, but he just doesn't fit us." - Vinny Cerrato, Redskins VP of Football Opeations

Though, that quote could have come from anyone from any NFL team, any time. Ever.

"I'm not saying either call was right or wrong, but we have to be right on those calls. We don't have time to recover. BC would have gone to the line with a chance to go down by one." - ACC coordinator of officials John Clougherty in regards to the non-foul call toward the end of the BC-Duke mens basketball game last week.

You do have to be right on those calls, but John, you weren't. Not sure how anyone missed it, it was pretty blatant.


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