Thursday, February 16, 2006

Anyone Check the Whereabouts of Scott Norwood?

Apparently, a high school softball player in California, whose leg had to be amputated following her being hit by a car, has had her prosthetic leg stolen – for the second time.

This would be a tragic story if it wasn’t for the sheer absurdity of the situation. It seems that this girl’s prosthetic leg is state of the art, costing $16,000 and, obviously, allowing her to play competitive athletics. What’s mind-blowing is the fact that this has happened not once, but twice! Two times bandits have crept into this poor girl’s room when she was not around (although I’m not sure how far she could have gone on one leg), cutting the screen and taking her fake leg, which, it’s worth noting, was donated to her after her first leg was stolen (that one was worth a measly $12,000 – we’ve come a long way since the days of Dr. Richard Kimble.

The highlight of this story though are the quotes from the girl’s parents. Just a sad resignation. My favorites:

“It’s insane. Who hates her that bad?” – Lisa Huff, the Girl’s mother.

“Now, she has nothing to walk with.” – David Huff, the Girl’s father.

Sadly, the police have no leads. My suggestion is to find the guys hocking a prosthetic leg, probably on Hollywood and Vine.


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