Sunday, March 05, 2006

Godzilla Sighting All Year Round

Hideki Matsui is so popular he warrants his own Media entourage.

At today's Blue Jays/Yankees Spring Training game in Dunedin, Florida a group of Japanese cameramen, reporters, and various other media related people were spotted piling into the press box at Knology Park. They were there for one reason, and one reason only: to write down and document every step and every breath the Yankee import made during his time in their view.

My buddy Brad had some free time and caught up with the media group in an elevator toward the end of the game. He asked them some simple questions.

"Matsui?" he asked.
"Ya, ya, Matsui," with much enthusiasm they responded.
"What about Ichiro?" Brad followed up with.
"No, no Ichiro!" they scowled.
"World Baseball Classic?"
"No, no"
"Godzilla?" Brad joked
"YA! Godzilla! Ya" they again responded in an enthusiastic manner.
"So you guys just follow Hideki around and that's it?" Brad asked
"Ya. Matsui." they responded and then followed with a question themselves in broken english, "Why does he," referring to the Blue Jays Spring Training PA announcer Ed, "call him 'HEE-deck-EE'. He's 'Hi-dek-EE'"
Brad laughed and instead of defending the announcer for reasons other than just the fact that he enjoyed talking to this interesting media group, "'Cuz he sucks."
"Ohhhh", the group understood.

It's crazy to think that one man can stir up enough newsworthy information for a group of people that he warrants his own private media group that won't even bother covering anything else.


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