Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kendra Davis...girl, you crazy!

Just when you thought it was safe to jeer Knicks forward Antonio Davis, his wife is back selling crazy. This time she’s being charged for misdemeanor battery for throwing hot coffee in a woman’s face in a traffic altercation in October. According to reports, a woman saw Davis run a stop sign and apparently tried to make some sort of citizen’s arrest. Or something. Anyway, Kendra Davis being Kendra Davis, she threw hot coffee at the woman from her window. She later told police it was because the woman used a racial slur.

Now, call me Kendra, but I think I’m going to go out on a limb and say that something is not right with Kendra Davis. That woman is certifiable. I don’t care if that woman said Kendra was so ugly she made Denny Neagle’s favorite hooker Jill Russell look like Jessica Alba, what kind of a psycho throws hot coffee at another person? Does she have any regard for other human beings at all? And this was before the ugly incident at the United Center. I have a feeling there are all kinds of other stories of average citizens being terrorized by Kendra Davis that we just haven’t heard yet (probably because they’re too frightened to come forward).

At least we know why Antonio went into the stands a few weeks ago. He was worried for the poor guy Kendra was attacking. We all refer to that as ‘the Antonio Davis incident.’ Kendra called it ‘Thursday.’


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you REALLY want to play the "race" card, watch the video of Kendra (as she talks to the guy) waving and gesturing with her hands IN HIS FACE. In interviews, she ever-so-innocently explains how she's just telling the guy to calm down. Now, we all know that violating our personal space is grounds for a beat-down. If that had been a BLACK man or woman, Kendra would have been "checked." I'm not saying the guy wasn't an a$$hole, but Kendra shouldn't have been putting her hands in his face NOR touching him. She very clearly contributed to and provoked that situation. Her behavior was out-of-line just as much as the guy's profanity. She crossed some lines she shouldn't have, and Antonio, not privy to the details, blindly went to defend is wife. Antonio was doing what any MAN would do. However, his WIFE needs to realize that she is not some bad-assed, round-the-way, sista'-girl. If she continues to play that role, someone, someday, will teach her a hard lesson.

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