Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Reality Bites?

As you may already know, ESPN is about to air their new reality show "Knight School" where walk-on players compete for the final spot on Texas Tech's roster.

Now, couldn't anyone just look up Texas Tech's roster now and look for that player and find out who wins? Doesn't that take away from the show a little bit?

Another question: Why hasn't ESPN thought of something like this sooner? With the reality TV show boom reaching its peak 2 or 3 years ago it took them this long to jump on board? I know they had a couple other tries (The Season, Beg, Borrow, and Deal) but this is the first one that actually looks fun to watch, in a reality show "fun" type of way. The way you watch a reality show and think to yourself "they actually get away with putting this on TV and selling sponsorship. wow, it's like ESPN doesn't even need me to watch this time slot"

What's next for ESPN Reality? Barry Bonds, who else? Can this really be exciting and fun to watch? I know I personally am not looking forward to seeing updates of the show on Around the Horn, PTI, and Sportscenter all the time, which is bound to happen. What's next? "Manny Being Manny: The Show"? "TO: Something To Prove"? "Heckle City: How to Avoid a Brawl"? "The Kentucky Derby: A Day in the Life of Short People"? Who knows. (If ESPN takes these I'm totally suing)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Might want to call the ol' lawyer. TO: Something to Prove sounds a little too real

5:54 PM  

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