Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Worse Human Being: Mark Blount or Charles Manson?

Welcome to a new feature we’re running here at Game Four called Worse Human Being. In it, we take two awful people and compare and contrast them on a number of different levels to determine which is the worse human being and most deserving of our scorn. In our inaugural debate, we’ll be looking at Minnesota Timberwolves “basketball player” Mark Blount and infamous cult leader Charles Manson. Let’s go to the tape!

Name: Charles Manson

Vitals: November 12, 1934 – Present

Famous For: Organizing a cult that would commit the famous Manson-Tate murders; being a complete psychopath.

Little Known Fact: Wanted to be a musician. He was actually a friend of Beach Boy Dennis Wilson and the Beach Boys recorded a song Manson wrote.

Case for Being a Terrible Human Being: Inspired this. Oh, and that whole cult/murder thing.

Name: Mark Blount

Vitals: November 30, 1975 – Present

Famous For: Being this person’s doppelganger; “playing” basketball; chewing gum; having concrete blocks in place of human hands.

Little Known Fact: Has actually recorded 21 rebounds in one game. No, really!

Case for Being a Terrible Human Being: The man doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anybody but himself. Put together a run of “slightly above mediocre-ness” long enough in the 2003-2004 season to trick the Boston Celtics into giving him a large contract (6 years, $39 Million), then proceeded to not put forth any effort again. Following a trade, he then proceeded to blast the Celtics for 16 points and 10 (!) rebounds in his first game against his former team, skipping down the court like a jackass and showing something that I almost mistook for emotion—before realizing it was Mark Blount and that he was incapable of such things (similar to rebounding).

Verdict: This is a tough one. Here we have a man who is responsible for unspeakable atrocities, of whose name brings about cringing for an entire group of people! And we also have Charles Manson, who seems like a pretty bad guy too. I don’t know. I guess I’ll say Manson. But not by much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't you mean Marcus "Blunt"? He changed the pronunciation of his name so every time he did something good the PA guy in Boston would yell out "MARCUS BBLLUUNNTTT". It was funny at first, but got real old real quick

2:08 PM  
Blogger Awesome Inc. said...

I love how tommy never figured out that Blount wanted his name pronounced 'Blunt.' Both Banks and Blount really are pissing me off, and having Wally go 1-9 doens't help matters.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA so funny, but true. he really does look like droopy. atleast charles manson had a deep passion and focus for what he was doing. Charlese Manson gave it 100 percent. Mark Blount is just a depressed sensitive little bitch, who probably cries himself to sleep every night because he feels bad for himself for being treated so horrible in boston.lets look at it from the perspective of Mark blount himself is a VICTIM. can you blieve I actually got booed in boston... lets compare (me.. this inside mark blounts brain) mark blount the victim with the victims of charles manson....

mark blount got benched by doc rivers , and he got booed by boston fans.

The victims of charles manson... were savagely murdered.

I dont know which injustice was worse. clearly mark blount deserves better.

thats why he's now in a better place ... a place where he can better fit in... now minnesota has 4 things to be proud of ... Kevin Garnett, The Mall of America, Camp Snoopy, and as mark blount thinks... Mark Blount.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous me said...

wtf, man! Charles is bad cause he inspired Brain Warner?? (Marilyn Manson's real name)
Fuck off dude! Marilyn Manson is fuckin GOD!!!

6:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

last comment = lol.

11:16 PM  

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