Friday, February 16, 2007

Drafts Are On Their Way

Wow, it's been a long time. Over a month actually. For those who read this site regularly, or have tried, I apologize. I wonder, who are you? How many are there? Do me a favor and comment just so I have an idea of what you think of the site and how helpful you feel it is or can be.

Anyway, in preparation for your upcoming Fantasy draft(s), I've found a few "Expert" Mock drafts that you can look over.

Mock Draft Central
has 3 (so far).
Fantasy Baseball Cafe has theirs up as well.

Also, Tim over at RotoAuthority has a helpful tool. It's a spreadsheet you can download for free with the average draft positions of all players taken in 4 expert drafts including 2 CBS Mock Drafts, one of the Mock Draft Central's, and a Sporting News Mock Draft.

As I stated in an article I wrote for RotoAuthority the other day, Mark Teahen and Morgan Ensberg are being very undervalued. When drafting, make sure to think of position scarcity, as Tim points out in this article.

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