Thursday, April 06, 2006

One Less Thing To Talk About In Baseball

Alright, I want to get this out of the way. Jimmy Rollins seems like a nice guy. Maybe a little to confident in himself, but you know what, after last year he's earned it. He's not a prick to the media and even has his own radio show. He's nice enough to the fans. And he's a pretty good ball player. I'd like to have him on my fantasy team and I'd gladly root for him if he was on my team. Here's the thing though, I feel as though I'm in the minority when it comes to my feelings of Rollins in the past 3 days. I was not looking forward to seeing him breaking the hit-streak record. He's been looking quite good at the end of last year and to start this season, as it's been pointed out in way more depth than I will ever be ready to go into. Luckily for me after today's game against St. Louis, Jimmy has to start over at 0 tomorrow.

The hit-streak is one of the hardest, and most sacred records not only in baseball but in sports. With all the single-season records getting broken every year over the past 7-10 years (HR, rushing TD, passing TD, etc) it's nice to see a record stand for so long. There's other records that probably won't be broken, at least not anytime soon. The single season stolen base record is a great example. But consecutive hit streak is just incredible and shouldn't be broken, by anyone, ever.

And now, at least we can all place our complete and undivided attention on what's really important.


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