Thursday, March 16, 2006

World Baseball Classic Game Notes: Round 2

South Korea has more games to play, thanks to the fact that they're actually really, really good.

USA is out. Japan is in. All thanks to Mexico.

Puerto Rico and Venezuela are out, thanks to Cuba and the Dominican Republic, who both advanced.

A 2-1 loss for the Americans was just one of many situations that could have resulted that would not allow the US to advance.

I'm with Eric Neel in some respects, perhaps it's best that the US doesn't win the inaugural event.

I'm not sure what the winner of the WBC gets. Is it a plaque? Medals? Rings? Trophies? Well, South Korea wants to reward their players now, rather than waiting for them to make it to the final round. How kind of them. It just goes to show how professional athletes, no matter what country, and more important than the average person.

Some tweaks could be made in 2009. Interestingly, Cuba wants to host it next time around. Bud Selig said during the Mexico/USA game that there were a lot of things they had to consider for WBC II.

The WBC hasn't come cheap.

So much for lack of injuries in the classic. Johnny Damon, Derrek Lee, and Adrian Beltre are all reporting problems.

How are your brackets doing?

Asia vs Caribbean. Who are you rooting for?


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