Friday, January 27, 2006

Adult Little League?

Well, I was, well, I still am a big supporter of the World Baseball Classic. I think its a fine endeavor. I really do. Especially since baseball was taken out of the Olympics, I think its the best way to expand the sport most people love. Baseball is nowhere near the level of World soccer is, but the WBC is a step in the right direction. I just hope it's not hosted in the US every time it comes around. I also hope it lasts a little longer than the XFL did.

The pitch count...fine. There's too many MLB players in this thing and you know what, they've got too much to loose. Wait, scratch that, their backers (the MLB teams that pay their salary) have too much to lose if they blow out an arm in what some look at as a meaningless alternative to Spring Training. Well you know what, what's the difference between this and someone like Miguel Tejada playing ball in the Dominican Winter Ball league? Not a whole much. The mercy rule...whatever. If a team doesn't want this to come into effect, then don't let it. Like it's been said before, "if you don't like it, stop us". At the same time, perhaps if the players involved care enough about the competition they won't allow the rule to come into effect. My thoughts is that if I'm on the team blowing the other out of the water, I think about letting up so to help the state of the WBC for the future. But then again, maybe that a big reason I have nothing to do with playing in major league baseball.

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