Friday, January 27, 2006

Boost In Public Appeal?

For those who missed it during the NFL playoffs, here's the TO Boost Mobile commercial.

For the record, it was supposed to be a one-time only airing on CBS during the divisional round of the NFL playoffs (ended up airing during the Patriots/Brocnos game) but it aired again during the AFC Championship game.

My question is, who does this help more? Terrell Owens or Boost Mobile? I mean, I know it's been announced and a lot of people have heard of it via different mediums, and I'm sure the new site has gotten plenty of hits since the commercial has aired, but really isn't the point of a TV commercial to have it on TV? As much as you can afford so that it is seen by the most amount of people possible?

And as for TO, do you think he came to Boost Mobile and pitched this idea himself? Just to promote himself as a big time competitor? This has got to be his idea right? I don't get it, does he think NFL coaches and GM's are watching this ad and saying to themselves, "man, he IS a competitor, he's not as big a problem as Andy Reid made him out to be in Philly. Let's give him a shot". I kinda think Boost Mobile made out in this deal.

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