Friday, September 01, 2006

All's Wells that ends Wells

Even though the Red Sox team are losing games at a rate last seen when Danny Heep roamed the outfield, Papi is struggling through heart problems, and most of our promising farm hands are making Boston look more like Kansas City than a perennial contender, fans of the hometown team had reason to celebrate Thursday when David Wells was traded to San Diego.

Truly there hasn't been a Red Sox I have despised more than Wells, and his departure couldn't have come sooner. The man brought nothing to this ballclub. His veteran stature and experience was counteracted by his gruff personallity, an affinity for being injuried, and his uncomfortable obesity (for enjoyable obesity see Ortiz, David and Guapo, El). Above all else however, he was a Yankee. Not just a rent-a-player New Yorker, but one who embraced the pinstripe spirit. Even if it was for only four years of his buffet-style career, it was enough to give him a blackmark.

My dissapointment for Wells in red socks stayed within me, but after every start I felt insulted. I felt more for the five guys I called Curt Leskanic in 2005 - before I realized he was no longer with the team - than I do for Wells and his status as a Red Sox. I only hope that fans in New York feel the same way about Johnny Damon, and in Indy about Vinatieri. Imposters in their beloved unforms.


For the record, I have long been critical of Edgar Renteria too. I hated the idea of Renteria, not so much the man. Much of my true anger was not at him as a player, though he was terrible, but at the free agent system in baseball. I chose Renteria to embody all I hated in the sport.

Wells is all I hate in a man.


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