Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What Do I Know?

The problem with the first post on a blog like this one is that you can only make one. Granted, you can always go back and edit your own words so to not sound like a complete moron, but i hope never to lower myself to doing that. I've got this one chance to introduce these thoughts I have to anyone with enough spare time to read through their regular internet stops and then still be bored enough to stumble across this one. Maybe it will become one of those regular stops but probably not. But as Green day once said, and I paraphrase because my memory from high school isn't too great, this isn't being done for anyone but myself. Ok, that's not completely true, I like knowing what other people think of my ideas. I'm not necessarily going to change my thoughts or opinions based on those of others but having as much knowledge about any particular subject that one finds interesting, interesting enough to devote an entire blog toward anyway, is something I feel everyone should strive for.

This blog is dedicated to sports. And not just one sport but at the same time it's not an "equal opportunity" blog either. Don't expect the same amount of cricket articles as MLB articles. It'll be a blog that interest the writer(s) first, and if other people find it interesting along the way, great. That would be incredible. I hope that happens. I really do. Suggestions will always by taken, but when t comes right down to it, if there's little to no interest in a subject by those writing the stories, then there probably won't be a story posted about it.

This is a blog about thoughts. About ideas. About opinions. It's not fact. It's not news. If everyone remembers that opinions are allowed to be had by everyone, then everyone will get along. If everyone remembers that arguments work better when backed up with facts, then everyone would be a better debater. The thoughts and arguments posted here should not be taken as hard evidence for anything, but simply what they are: thoughts, ideas, opinions, and arguments. Basically, things that come out of our head after learning and reading what happens in real life.

This blog will be a portal to many other ideas and thoughts in sports. There will be many references to other blogs of this nature and also to locations of hard evidence that bring to light what exactly is being brought up. All the ideas here will be original, and if they're not they'll be credited. Promise.

With that I hope you get the idea. I know it's been done. This is not a blog that wants to compete with other blogs of this type. It simply wants to be a way to bring out ideas. If people like what they read, great. If not, I'm sure there are plenty of blogs out there that they would.

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